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So, shocked--they weren't full of it when they said that revealing who Adam and Eve were would prove they knew where they were going with this all along. Huh. Although looks like it's actually Eve and Abel, now, heeh.

Also, pretty golden light explanation isn't much explanation at all, really, is it? Is that an alien spaceship drive core? A tunnel to the astral plane? What? Oh yes, it's the light in everybody and it's life and death and other things. *handwave*

Also, Jacob is an idiot. And their "mom"? Appears to be a woman of a one-rock solution to all problems. Brilliant.

Also, I hope they don't expect that anyone will not at least sympathize with Team Smokey after that. Gosh. I'd be pretty bad too under those circumstances. (My actual quote after Nameless Dude found the burned camp: "Well, if that isn't the best possible motivation to turn into black smoke.")

Also, wtf they have like, what, two shows left? And how many people are still alive? I'm not saying anything until it's all over, but yeesh, they had better actually wrap this up in a satisfactory way. Rocks falling will be insufficient.

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Date: 2010-05-13 03:15 am (UTC)
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Dude, I wanted Adam and Eve to be Rose and Bernard! Aren't they still back in the 1970s?

And yeah, the golden light was kind of underwhelming. You know the finale is 2.5 hours long, and on Sunday the 23rd, right?

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Date: 2010-05-13 03:55 am (UTC)
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I don't knooowwww! All I know is I've had that thought every few shows for the last season and a half--where the hell are Rose and Bernard? They're awesome and where did they go? I was suspecting that that would be them, but eh... *shrugs*

Yeah, it was, wasn't it? And yep! I heard. I guess my anticipation of the finale has sort of waned, though. I have a creeping suspicion that I'm going to have to have some willful amnesia about it, after these last few shows. What do you think?

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Date: 2010-05-16 04:46 am (UTC)
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I've pretty much kept watching because hey, I've watched it this long, might as well finish it up. Not a very ringing endorsement, is it?

If you're going go all woo-woo/sci-fi/fantasy, I don't need every little thing explained. Honestly, it kind of annoys me when an author/creator tries to spell everything out, and it feels like that's what they're going to do with the finale, especially after this most recent episode, and that will irritate the hell out of me. There are not always answers!

Edit: Ha, if you put "Where are Rose and Bernard?" in Google, you get half a page of hits.
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Date: 2010-05-16 05:28 am (UTC)
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*nods* Sort of the same here. I never would have thought I'd be so "meh" about the Great! Big! Finale! of a show I liked. :/

Hm, I don't think I'd terribly mind everything getting explained if the explanation were really good, and dealt out in a reasonable way. But after a few things lately I'm not sure I have that kind of faith anymore, y'know? And definitely, cramming the finale with whiz-bang answers? Uh... nah. (If Jacob and MIB were actually playing Connect 4 Million the whole time, I'd be down for that, though! :p )

Ha! That's fantastic. :D


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