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I was committing fannish navel-gazing thinking about this the other day and I was amused, and from my very preliminary investigation there seems to be something to it. We all know the D&D alignment system, right? Good/neutral/evil and Lawful/neutral/chaotic axes? Leaving aside how this doesn't work very well for reality, I thought it'd be amusing to make a chart and start plotting in where all of my favorite characters would be (and yeah, that's a whole other can of worms if you try to compare notes with others--I repeated this exercise with friends over the weekend and found that one shared favorite had been put on practically opposite sides of our charts. Yikes.) It's fun in any case.

And lo and behold! There were clusters. Given the loosey-goosey nature of placing characters on the chart, this could be bias in where one wants to have characters be, or it could be bias in what characters tend to appeal. With mine, if you sort of cross your eyes, I have a big arc going pretty much clear across the chart. I have nobody in Lawful Evil (unless you count Londo, which I don't, because srsly? Nah.), and I have a big cluster loosely centered around the cusp of lawful, cusp of good. And a smaller cluster (but which contains most of my absolute favorites) in Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral. Oh dear. Without the names (you show me yours first!) mine looks like this, with the clusters circled: Like so.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do with this now. What do clusters mean (aside from the obvious)? I saw with my friends that I argued with over who goes where that I ain't the only one. So, tell me... what are you guys' clusters? Anybody wanna make up a chart and hash it out about whether or not Darth Vader is Lawful Evil? :D? :D?

And then there's a couple of follow-on questions that I can't completely formulate in a sensible way yet. But whatever.

*Man, can you tell I am going out of my skull with no classes? I want homework! *sobs*
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