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I am beat the fuck up.

Moshpit. To paraphrase an old buddy of mine, "that's the magic of the moshpit. You get knocked down, but there's always someone there to pick you back up again."

So there was an Estonian metal band Metsatoll as one of the openers, and they were surprisingly awesome. They had bagpipe/flute/some sort of dulcimer along with the usual instruments, and the guy who played all of them was just adorable.

And then Tyr and Moonsorrow, not a bit bad. But I was there to see Korpiklaani (they were in my town omg) and I am beat the fuck up.

I hadn't been in a moshpit since Pantera at Ozzfest '97.

And they played Happy Little Boozer and Vodka and Let's Drink and Beer Beer and Wooden Pints (are you sensing a theme yet?) and I was only disappointed that they didn't play Vesilahden Verajilla. (Don't ask me my thoughts about Finnish. I'm in love with the fact that they have geminates just at the moment. Linguist. Hello.)

Also, I think I'm deaf now. (I'm afraid this has been terribly incoherent. That's just how it is at the moment. Sorry.)

so many vikings omg

And my inner Loki got to come out and play a bit. Was nice for the both of us.

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Date: 2012-09-15 03:43 pm (UTC)
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You sound so hyped and happy! XD What, no moshpitting (is that a word, even?) in 15 years?? I'm so glad you had fun! I've actually never been to a rock concert at all in my life, the nearest I came was a favorite artist was playing at the local - I mean LOCAL - civic center, with seating for a few hundred souls if that, so it was rather intimate instead. And to let loose your inner power and Loki sounds pretty cathartic to me, there are times I want to take a battleax or a flagon to somebody's head... I really need to PM you, I've been wanting to catch up!

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Date: 2012-09-15 06:39 pm (UTC)
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I have only been to a few shows in my life (four, if you don't count seeing friends' bands playing in bars or like the Persian musicians and dance troupe at the cultural museum), but I was indeed fortunate enough that one of them was Ozzfest, so I can say I saw Type O Negative while Peter was still alive and Pantera while Dimebag was still alive. But yes, it was half my life ago, which freaks me right the hell out. So my moshing experience is limited but it is quality. :p

And this one was quite a trip, because my dinky little hickville town... the venue used to be the old dollar theater but it was converted to a small concert hall/nightclub a few years back and they oddly enough occasionally get some biggish bands, or at least bands that were big at one point, and I have no idea how a town like this gets a place like that.

Letting loose one's inner Loki is a dangerous proposition, though, even if he is more myth-styled and likely to suggest cutting someone's hair than telling people to kneel. And even if he more likely to try to get me in trouble by picking fights with random Asatru. ;) (It perhaps sounds like you need to let loose your inner Thor, or perhaps even your inner Tyr, though!)

And yes, we do need to chat!


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