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So, er, about 20 minutes ago there was an earthquake here. We're fine, nothing even fell over, but holy crap that was the worst quake I've felt in 10 years in SoCal. And it lasted a good long time, long enough for me to look up from my desk in confusion at the trembling drapes and the shaking lamp, feel myself getting shaken back and forth in my chair, dash to the door, run outside and down the stairs and chat with my similarly freaked-out neighbors for half a minute before it totally chilled out. Apparently it was a 6.9 7.2 down in Baja. And there's been a couple of small aftershocks since. Whoa adrenalin. There has just been a rash of quakes lately, hasn't there been? *is still jittery*

ETA: At this point I've felt at least half a dozen aftershocks. This is going to be a very nervous day. D:
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I wrote this sometime last summer, and hey, I'm dead tired, trying to get done with finals, and feeling inexplicably posty.

Title: 8 Years
By illwynd
Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost.
Rating: PG for themes
Characters: Danielle Rousseau, mentions of some others.
Summary: Danielle knows one thing for certain.
Warnings: None, except spoilers if you're about three seasons behind.
It has been eight years )
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The connoisseur of irredemption is still squeeing over last night's Lost. Oh, Sayid, I already adored you*, but you just outdid yourself. ♥

possible spoilers for last night's ep )
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So. Whew. I'm in the middle of madly working on my research, staring at spectrograms until my eyes water and listening to recordings until my brain tries to crawl out my ears, and I just wanted to take a break to thank everyone who sent me their voices to help me out. I will gladly make the claim that nobody has a more awesome flist! (I won't be undertaking research to scientifically verify this, though.) As fried as I feel right now, this has been such a fascinating project, and it wouldn't have been possible without you. I'm finally starting to see some patterns and I'm feeling I might be just around the corner from some conclusions, which would be totally awesome.

Oh, and in case you didn't pick up on what I was getting at from the sentences and such, I'm researching the cot/caught vowel merger, and particularly whether/how it is adopted by people who move geographically into a speech community that has the merger from one that doesn't. :D (My major is so cool!)

ETA: And I just remembered to say... I totally didn't even realize how hilarious some of the sentences I came up with were until I was getting some folks around here to read them into my recorder and everyone cracked up on the "thong" sentence. :p

ETA2: And just now I realized that I have been looking at spectrograms so much that I can tell what they say without hearing the sound. Yikes. Take that, last quarter's phonetics class.
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Ok, so I decided to take on a little research project for one of my classes, and I'm totally psyched about it (the prof said it's actually a kinda novel idea... which boggles the heck out of me. Isn't it against the rules for undergrads to have novel ideas?), but I need a little help from my friends! It should only take a few minutes of your time if you have the necessary stuff to do it. If you might be up for it, see under cut for details of what I need!

Be my guinea pig! For SCIENCE! )


Nov. 24th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Anybody seen this? xkcd movie narrative charts. (I know it's movieverse, but it's still pretty awesome.)

I once wanted to make something like that, but starting at the Ainulindale. That'd be a big ol' image file, wouldn't it? :p
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Some New Terror
Disclaimer: All Tolkien's!
Rating: PG
Summary: Under the eaves of Mirkwood, a new terror appears.
Some New Terror )
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So, er, at least, at last, I have fic. Woohoo?

A Thunder of Hoofbeats
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Rating: PG
Characters: Horses of Rohan
A Thunder of Hoofbeats )
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It's my favorite season, and it's cooled down (it's almost cold!) and... er, well, I suppose I could do without the crazy-busy semester stuff that coincides, but we'll take what we can get. Also, it's the season that contains my favorite holiday. ;) I still haven't decided what to be for Halloween, although I've been meaning to do a dead!Boromir for years (the arrows would make things a little awkward, though).

So I posted up the Six Days of Spooky announcement over at [ profile] spooky_arda even though I don't know how much I'll really have to share. But if you're into that, go lookie, eh? I'd love to ready your spooky Tolkien stuff, even if I'll have to scramble to write up anything.

That is all for now.
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So last night was the monthly meeting of my Tolkien geeks group, and we started on a little collaborative fic experiment. I want to sort of document the process, partially because I've never done anything quite like it before, and partially just because the results have been so damn interesting.

But first, I haven't seen the new Trek movie yet... the gals were talking about hopping over to go see it, but as I'd promised Mr. Illwynd that I wouldn't read any spoilers until we both got to see it, I figured watching the movie without him would probably constitute a spoiler ;) . (So if I ignore anyone's posts on the subject, you'll know why. We'll probably see it next weekend or something.) So that nixed that idea, but I think we had a pretty fun and productive night anyway.

One of our members was lamenting how in our last few meetings, we'd gotten sidetracked a lot, sort of seemed to run out of things to talk about that we haven't rehashed endlessly in the years we've been getting together and resorted to playing lots of trivia games. Those are definitely fun, but we got together in the first place to gab about Tolkien stuff, and we wanted to get back to that. So somehow, in that amazing, baffling way that small communities have where it's not certain just where an idea came from, we decided to write a fic together. About our process )

Oh, rats!

Apr. 4th, 2009 03:00 pm
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Why don't I have a rat icon?

I just learned that today is World Rat Day! Although I don't have any ratties just at the moment, I've had the honor to take care of several rats in my life. A lot of folks only think of rats as vermin, which is really sad. They're smarter than hamsters, more interactive than fish, warmer and fuzzier than turtles, more loving than cats, smaller and more apartment-friendly than dogs. I figure they're just about the perfect pets. ^_^

Some pointless stories of my wonderful ratties rat facts! Ratties! )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 30th, 2009 12:08 pm
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So, part of why I posted "Journeys in High Places" yesterday was so I could post this today: a deleted scene from that story, which I kinda like but didn't fit with the flow of the story.

In the Cold
Disclaimer: All is Tolkien's!
Notes: Takes place just after the accidental nap in the snow.

In the Cold )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 29th, 2009 07:05 pm
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Eek! I'm running out of March, and I had planned to post a few more things... oh well. Here's another zine fic that I never got around to posting here.

Journeys in High Places
Disclaimer: Tolkien's. Not mine.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Boromir and Faramir, both born in the shadow of the White Mountains, cross them for the first time.
Journeys in High Places )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 16th, 2009 12:51 pm
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So, whenever I contribute to a BoG zine, I never seem to wind up posting the fics anywhere else, and I now have a handful that will be new to anyone who hasn't read the zines. Hopefully they'll be acceptable for a few B2MeM posts, since I can't seem to come up with anything else at the moment!

Very Unlike Him
By Illwynd
Disclaimer: All is Tolkien's!
Rating: G, humor
Summary: Denethor speaks to his sons, acting very unlike himself, and the brothers wonder why.
Notes: First appeared in The Noble Steward's Chronicles, vol. 4

Very Unlike Him )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 4th, 2009 06:13 am
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Not much today, just some stuff brought about in response to the post I made yesterday.

It came from a chat... )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:51 am
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So it's March again, and time to go back to Middle-earth! I don't know how well I'll be able to keep this up, as this is destined to be a crazy month for me, but I'm gonna try to get some stuff out there!

So, for today, a bit of utter silliness: an Orc song!

Title: All Orcs Sing Out of Tune
By illwynd
Disclaimer: I doubt Tolkien's Orcs would ever make this complaint, but there ya go.
Notes: I've got no ideas for a tune for this, sadly enough. I was going to work on it with a friend who's actually good at composing, but never got around to it. Maybe someday!

All Orcs Sing Out of Tune )
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The newest volume of The Noble Steward Chronicles is out at last! It's got awesome fanart and fanfiction, much of which has never been released before, all focusing on Denethor and collected together in a snazzy-looking pdf! It is truly a 'zine for the discerning fangirl, so go download, marvel, and enjoy! :p

You can find it on the Brothers of Gondor messageboard, here.

Thanks go to our editors, [ profile] roh_wyn and [ profile] cressidarambles, and to all the wonderful and talented contributors!

(Seriously, it's awesome. Go read it.)
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You don't even want to know what the last 12-and-some hours have been like. The short version is best summed up by saying that I'm trying to look on the bright side, which is that I have the start of what might be an interesting little story about a bunch of people stuck in an airport while the apocalypse occurs outside. Which is to say, I really hate it when you get to within 15 miles of where you're flying to when the weather turns too rotten to land, and you have to go back where you came from, which is nowhere that you really want to be, with just enough time before your rescheduled flight that it's too long to comfortably hang around reading and too short to go find a hotel. And sleeping on airport chairs is only slightly more restful than listening to a Dental Drill Symphony with Garbage Cans Beaten with Mallets accompanying, while rolling around in broken glass.

Although I must add that I never thought I would owe Starbucks a debt of gratitude, but they were the only coffee-serving shop in the whole airport open at 5:30 (aka "Oh My God I'm Tired-thirty") in the morning.

After I nap, perhaps I will post the more enjoyable aspects of my trip (*waves to [ profile] cressidarambles!*), but until then you can enjoy the knowledge that whatever kind of day you've had, it's probably been better than mine. ;)
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So, wrote up a few drabbles for some folks as holiday presents, and now that I've confirmed that they've all been received and enjoyed, I'm posting them up for all to see. And here they are! :)

Drabble series: Winter
by illwynd
Disclaimer: Not mine!
winter )
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I'm okay. I was at school several miles from where the plane crashed when it happened, and somehow I didn't even hear it. :/ And thankfully, some of my friends who were even closer to it are fine too!

But of course, there's a few people in my city who aren't fine tonight, and my thoughts are with them. :(


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