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Title: When the road becomes a cul de sac…
By illwynd
Disclaimer: Lost isn’t mine or it would have ended differently.
Rating: PG
Characters: James, Hugo, mention of more
Notes: Just a wee little ficlet, set a couple years after the finale.
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He gets the phone call early one morning )
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So, tonight's the night! Totally conflicted here--I wish it weren't ending, despite my problems with a few things they've done of late, and I wanna know what they're gonna do to end it OMGOMG.

A little while ago I saw a thing on the news with people getting ready for a viewing party. I swear I'm gonna paste a Dharma logo on my beer bottle tonight and run around chanting the numbers. :D

So what are you guys doing tonight? Are you watching the finale? Any plans or predictions?

ETA: Just Dharmafied my bottle of rum and a bunch of other stuff in the pantry. Heh heh.


May. 4th, 2010 11:26 pm
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Okay, I'm really not a bit pleased with Lost right now. >:( Jerks.
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I wrote this sometime last summer, and hey, I'm dead tired, trying to get done with finals, and feeling inexplicably posty.

Title: 8 Years
By illwynd
Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost.
Rating: PG for themes
Characters: Danielle Rousseau, mentions of some others.
Summary: Danielle knows one thing for certain.
Warnings: None, except spoilers if you're about three seasons behind.
It has been eight years )


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