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You don't even want to know what the last 12-and-some hours have been like. The short version is best summed up by saying that I'm trying to look on the bright side, which is that I have the start of what might be an interesting little story about a bunch of people stuck in an airport while the apocalypse occurs outside. Which is to say, I really hate it when you get to within 15 miles of where you're flying to when the weather turns too rotten to land, and you have to go back where you came from, which is nowhere that you really want to be, with just enough time before your rescheduled flight that it's too long to comfortably hang around reading and too short to go find a hotel. And sleeping on airport chairs is only slightly more restful than listening to a Dental Drill Symphony with Garbage Cans Beaten with Mallets accompanying, while rolling around in broken glass.

Although I must add that I never thought I would owe Starbucks a debt of gratitude, but they were the only coffee-serving shop in the whole airport open at 5:30 (aka "Oh My God I'm Tired-thirty") in the morning.

After I nap, perhaps I will post the more enjoyable aspects of my trip (*waves to [ profile] cressidarambles!*), but until then you can enjoy the knowledge that whatever kind of day you've had, it's probably been better than mine. ;)


Sep. 9th, 2008 02:48 pm
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This may be old news for some of y'all, but I just found the Large Hadron Rap, and... OMG. This is hilarious, and fantastic, and will nearly make up for it if the LHC does destroy the world (not that I think that's likely, but what with all the shouting...)
video under the cut )
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So... I've been awfully quiet on here for a while. I mean, worse than usual. Non-posting, non-commenting disease or absent-from-LJ syndrome or something. Sorry 'bout that. At first I was just feeling kinda withdrawn, then I was pondering something best kept up here *taps head* and then for the last week it was all omens and stress over RL. But... yeah.

Also, it's been raining. Not what folks from other parts might call real rain. More of a steady drizzle/light rain with occasional spots of heavier rain, but there are things now full of water that I never knew were little streams because they've been dry whole time I've lived here and there are vast pondlike puddles growing and looking gorgeously dreary under the grey sky. ^__^

And, something more interesting, yesterday I invented a recipe that I think might just be Gondorian.
Belfalas apricot cheese tart )
It's very yummy! And it's pretty simple to make, too. I would have taken a picture of the finished product, but we munched it all too quickly, heeh. So now I just need to write a drabble or somesuch to go along with it... hmm... And of course, if any of y'all make it, I'd love to hear what you think of it. ^__^
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Woo-hoo! While I'm still all psyched, I'm gonna post this. See, you're already reading it--this proves I'm posting. Yay.

But anyhow, tonight my local group of Tolkien Geeks had a bit of a get-together because Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Symphony was playing at the Summer Pops downtown!!! *dances around like a maniac, still very very happy.* listen to me babble about it! )


Feb. 28th, 2006 11:33 pm
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In light of today's rain (which we did sorely need) I would like to note that I do, in fact, know where my towel is. It's in my car. (to deal with circumstances like today when there happened to be a heavy downpour during just the few minutes that I had to walk 2 blocks back to my car, and happened to be wearing a short jacket with no hood, so my torso stayed dry, but the rest of me looked like a drowned rat...) Towels are nice. And I think mine may be just a bit cleaner than Ford's. ^_~
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Okay, so I was sitting around waiting for my dispatch to tell me where this street was that wasn't on the map, and I was glancing through the street listing pages of my Riverside County mapbook... and OMG some of the streets they have up there! I mean, I've surely mentioned all the things I've seen around here, the white sportscar with the ASHNAZG license plate, the BRNDYBK license plate, Treebeard Landscaping Service and Tolkien Way, but up in Riv, they've got amusing stuff, really. And the puns aren't too horrible. )
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Indeed, and it is painful. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day here in paradise, the wind was cool, nearly cold (but that just made it feel like winter, as opposed to this bit of summer we've been having), the sun was warm, the air was fresh, it was perfect light-jacket weather, and I found myself lunching out in the boonies... more )

oh crap.

Feb. 6th, 2006 07:03 pm
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DammitdammitSOB. I knew it was too hot today. I knew I had a bad feeling about something. It's a La Nina, and we're having Santa Anas. That's not supposed to happen at this time of the year. Severe wildfire alert, and it's already burning a little ways north of me. And we just had big fires here a little over 2 years ago, and again a year before that! So, to prove to the universe that I still remember, and don't need another demonstration... piccies and stories )


Feb. 1st, 2006 06:23 pm
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OMGzors. This rocks so hard it's a friggin' diamond. This rucking focks. This is groovilicious. This is spectacular and wonderful and I don't have enough synonyms for "great".

I just got my sheet music, it wasn't supposed to get here for another couple of days! I will soon be able to play a bunch of music from the LotR movies. Viola solos! Who would have thought! It's not the full score, but it has a bunch of the good songs, and I've just tried 3 or 4 of them and ohhhh this feels so good to play! It's better than schlepping on Hava Nagila! It's better than playing the Star Wars music! It's better than a whole load of the classical I've played... This is very nearly orgasmic to play. omgomgomgomg. Yay yay yay! *runs off to go practice some more*
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HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! *throws confetti* It's not midnight here yet, not for 3 more hours... but with any luck I won't be in a condition to update by then, so... yeah. It's been raining here all day, which pleased me earlier but now it's just cold and nasty and I'm glad I don't have any reason to go outside (although if it weren't cold I would want to be up on the mountain, because the little streams sound so nice when it rains...). Kinda anxious about what 2006 has in store. Hopefully it will surprise me in a good way. And it occurs to me now... I can say this for 2005, that it's the year I met most of you here, so that's a big plus! *hugs flist* Anyway, hope everyone is either partying or sleeping it off by now, and that everyone has/is having/had a safe celebration with much amusement and good stuff. Best wishes for the coming year! See y'all later, I gots bubbly to drink! ^__^
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Happy Holidays everyone, whatever you celebrate!

Much thanks to [ profile] lilan14 and [ profile] eldrene for the cards! They're wonderful! And you're wonderful! Everybody on my flist is wonderful! *hugs all around*

Hope you are enjoying the season!

I exist!

Dec. 19th, 2005 10:49 pm
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Yep. I exist. I always feel funny about not posting anything for a week (and a half), but fortunately at the moment I actually have something to say and a few spare minutes to say it...

To start with, thank yous go out to [ profile] cadiliniel [ profile] sealover_astara and Sylvia for the lovely x-mas cards I've gotten over the past couple days. *hugs* Hopefully y'all will get the ones I sent you fairly promptly. ^__^

Then a HUGE thank you to [ profile] lomear for the b-day present drawing she sent me... it is so excellent! Thank a million, *hugs* now I'll have to put him somewhere that I can grin at him all the time... ^___^

And then just a note to say... hi to new ppl *waves*, and ...uh, sorry I haven't been around much, everybody... been busy... *headdesks* Hopefully this situation will improve soon...
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indeed )
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Just a little anecdote... totally pointless and strange...

yeah )


Nov. 2nd, 2005 12:25 am
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Hi all! It's now just past midnight in SoCal, and it is All Souls' Day and it is the day of the Rousing of the Shire, and it is going to be a good day, because...
read on! )
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I'm having too much fun with this. Seeing as I'm really too old to go trick-or-treating, but this is my fave holiday, I still must dress up and wander around. Then come home and watch scary movies. But I have done several costumes in one night because I just couldn't decide. First my Boz costume, which is always fun. Now, I've got my black velvet dress with the White Tree on it, and a black velvet floor-length skirt under it, and I was gonna be "Nameless Gondorian Lady"... until I realized... that's not scary. So... *ta-dah!* I added on my grey cloak with my Fellowship brooch, a rope belt and my cardy-board sword... and... I'm a 10th Walker Sue! (a Gondorian Sue, no less! Perhaps I could pass for the BrothersMir's little sister? Heh. *cringe*) And that IS scary! heheheheheeeee!!!

Lookit me! )
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I tried to write this three times and I don't know if I have managed to be coherent any better than last time but I suppose that's okay, seeing as the whole point of this is to say... forgive me if I say anything terrible incoherent today or tomorrow. Quitting smoking, and it has made me hyper and giddy and incoherent (which is, I suppose, an odd reaction, and may have something to do with the large amounts of candy I self-prescribe for this circumstance). Meh.
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This day was just too surreal for me. Listen to me babble about it! )
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Apparently that is the case. I went for a loooong walk tonight (6 miles to the airport and back) and on the way out of the house, there was a family of raccoons in my front yard who hissed at me. When I got back they were still there and they hissed at me again. I don't understand the following things about this encounter with the raccoons: why they hissed at me when I was 15 feet away from them, why they didn't just run away, it's not like I was being quiet! ... and what the hell was in my front yard that so interested them to be there for an hour and a half?! Just what I needed in my oh-so-shiny-happy-day *snort!* was to know that even the wildlife is against me.
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Bleh. Yesterday morning I went to hike Iron Mountain, determined to this time make it to the top...mountain hike babble and pix )


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