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Okay, I feel kinda bad about not getting to this the first week of March, but all my creativity laughed at me, so I'll just have to settle for what I can manage.

And, well, I wasn't around for the "Golden days" of LotR fandom, back when the movies were just coming out, for at that time I was wandering in other pastures of the less verdant type, but I imagine that during that time, fandom rants were fairly common, so here's one now...

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Feb. 28th, 2006 11:33 pm
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In light of today's rain (which we did sorely need) I would like to note that I do, in fact, know where my towel is. It's in my car. (to deal with circumstances like today when there happened to be a heavy downpour during just the few minutes that I had to walk 2 blocks back to my car, and happened to be wearing a short jacket with no hood, so my torso stayed dry, but the rest of me looked like a drowned rat...) Towels are nice. And I think mine may be just a bit cleaner than Ford's. ^_~
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Okay, so I was sitting around waiting for my dispatch to tell me where this street was that wasn't on the map, and I was glancing through the street listing pages of my Riverside County mapbook... and OMG some of the streets they have up there! I mean, I've surely mentioned all the things I've seen around here, the white sportscar with the ASHNAZG license plate, the BRNDYBK license plate, Treebeard Landscaping Service and Tolkien Way, but up in Riv, they've got amusing stuff, really. And the puns aren't too horrible. )
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I was just remembering this thing today, and I had to go dig it up and cackle over it for an hour for no particular reason, and I feel inclined to share, just in case y'all haven't seen it before... 213 Things Skippy Can't Do
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indeed )
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First off, did any of you ever notice how warm and comfy cloaks are? And the weird looks one gets when one wears them into the 7-11?

But okay, down to business (ha!). See, these fics are driving me mad. My muses are annoying the heck out of me.
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Just a little anecdote... totally pointless and strange...

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Yep, that will be the explanation. I've been seeing all these single-word-comment-meme-thingies floating around, and I thought it would be cute to go plunder the phrontistery just to boggle everyone and make you all hate me passionately. Instead, I'm just gonna leave a link to the phrontistery (run by [ profile] forthright), so you can go and giggle over things like "barathrum" also.

Go see it, really, you'll love it!

Full refunds available if you can't find anything there that makes you chortle with glee like a child with a paint-filled water balloon... of course you haven't paid anything so I dunno what the refund will consist of, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. ^__^
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This day was just too surreal for me. Listen to me babble about it! )
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Apparently that is the case. I went for a loooong walk tonight (6 miles to the airport and back) and on the way out of the house, there was a family of raccoons in my front yard who hissed at me. When I got back they were still there and they hissed at me again. I don't understand the following things about this encounter with the raccoons: why they hissed at me when I was 15 feet away from them, why they didn't just run away, it's not like I was being quiet! ... and what the hell was in my front yard that so interested them to be there for an hour and a half?! Just what I needed in my oh-so-shiny-happy-day *snort!* was to know that even the wildlife is against me.


Oct. 13th, 2005 08:59 pm
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I have to thank [ profile] eldrene for exposing me to this insanity-causing site.

yeah, it's crazy. )
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See, I got bribed tonight. No other logical reason for me to be up this late on a worknight, except my hubby wanted to go see a movie. A late-night movie. And bribed me to go with. He wanted to see Lord of War, which I also had wanted to see, except I didn't want to see it when it would keep me out until 1:30 in the morning when I have to be up at 7. Anyway, I went with. And the universe just decided to play with me a bit.

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Hi. I feel like babbling tonight, and I also found a fabulous product. See, last night I went to the liquor store, badly in need of some good beer after a rather stressful week, and although they didn't have my favorite (Sammy Adams Cherry Wheat) they had some other stuff that I like well enough, and I was browsing around and saw this, and had to buy one. My eyes bugged out...
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Bleh. Yesterday morning I went to hike Iron Mountain, determined to this time make it to the top...mountain hike babble and pix )
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There was a show on the History channel tonight that actually had about 10 minutes of stuff about Emperor Joshua Norton I. I feel... overjoyed, and yet oddly let down over this.

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Ehh, don't mind me, I'm just recording my weirdness for posterity.

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Aug. 13th, 2005 12:58 am
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*shakes fist at sky*

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Happy Birthday to Jerry Garcia! Great man, he was...

My little tribute to Jerry )

And I was just thinking about Jerry and realizing... 9 fingers... who else has 9 fingers? Wow, cosmic, eh! ^___^ He did look a little hobbitish, there towards the end... in fact, Rainbows and deadheads are about as close to hobbits as any large group I've ever known... don't like shoes, like good tilled earth, enjoy good food and a good pipe... okay, am I going too far here? No, this was going too far )
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I just saw the Island. Let me just squeee for a minute...


SQUEEEing and minor SPOILERS )
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Ehh..yep. You guessed it, just got back from fireworks. Pretty... fireworks... )


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