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So last night was the monthly meeting of my Tolkien geeks group, and we started on a little collaborative fic experiment. I want to sort of document the process, partially because I've never done anything quite like it before, and partially just because the results have been so damn interesting.

But first, I haven't seen the new Trek movie yet... the gals were talking about hopping over to go see it, but as I'd promised Mr. Illwynd that I wouldn't read any spoilers until we both got to see it, I figured watching the movie without him would probably constitute a spoiler ;) . (So if I ignore anyone's posts on the subject, you'll know why. We'll probably see it next weekend or something.) So that nixed that idea, but I think we had a pretty fun and productive night anyway.

One of our members was lamenting how in our last few meetings, we'd gotten sidetracked a lot, sort of seemed to run out of things to talk about that we haven't rehashed endlessly in the years we've been getting together and resorted to playing lots of trivia games. Those are definitely fun, but we got together in the first place to gab about Tolkien stuff, and we wanted to get back to that. So somehow, in that amazing, baffling way that small communities have where it's not certain just where an idea came from, we decided to write a fic together. About our process )


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