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So last night was the monthly meeting of my Tolkien geeks group, and we started on a little collaborative fic experiment. I want to sort of document the process, partially because I've never done anything quite like it before, and partially just because the results have been so damn interesting.

But first, I haven't seen the new Trek movie yet... the gals were talking about hopping over to go see it, but as I'd promised Mr. Illwynd that I wouldn't read any spoilers until we both got to see it, I figured watching the movie without him would probably constitute a spoiler ;) . (So if I ignore anyone's posts on the subject, you'll know why. We'll probably see it next weekend or something.) So that nixed that idea, but I think we had a pretty fun and productive night anyway.

One of our members was lamenting how in our last few meetings, we'd gotten sidetracked a lot, sort of seemed to run out of things to talk about that we haven't rehashed endlessly in the years we've been getting together and resorted to playing lots of trivia games. Those are definitely fun, but we got together in the first place to gab about Tolkien stuff, and we wanted to get back to that. So somehow, in that amazing, baffling way that small communities have where it's not certain just where an idea came from, we decided to write a fic together. About our process )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 4th, 2009 06:13 am
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Not much today, just some stuff brought about in response to the post I made yesterday.

It came from a chat... )

B2MEM 2009

Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:51 am
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So it's March again, and time to go back to Middle-earth! I don't know how well I'll be able to keep this up, as this is destined to be a crazy month for me, but I'm gonna try to get some stuff out there!

So, for today, a bit of utter silliness: an Orc song!

Title: All Orcs Sing Out of Tune
By illwynd
Disclaimer: I doubt Tolkien's Orcs would ever make this complaint, but there ya go.
Notes: I've got no ideas for a tune for this, sadly enough. I was going to work on it with a friend who's actually good at composing, but never got around to it. Maybe someday!

All Orcs Sing Out of Tune )
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Er, for the few minutes while it's still the 22nd in my part of the world...

Happy Birthday to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, a couple of most excellent and admirable hobbits!

I hope you all had a wonderful Baggins Birthday! *clinks glasses*

I don't know about anyone else, but I was compelled to wear my One Ring today, and to wander around quoting lines of The Speech at people randomly and fiddling with the ring. Heeeh. :D
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Well, I'm done with finals at last, and I have been noticing that I've been posting almost nothing lately, and in my hopping all over the web today (looking up stuff regarding the LJ Advisory Board candidates--do vote, y'all!--and other random things) I came across this post and thought that sounded like a fun thing to write down! So here it is, in all its rambly glory.

My fannish history )
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Today I was talking to the ever-wonderful [ profile] lilan14 about my recent frustrations with finding good fanfic of a particular sort that I've been having a hankering for, and was told to "join the club" to which I predictably asked if we get membership cards. Turns out we didn't, but now... we do!
Disgruntled Fanfic Readers Club membership card )
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So... I've been awfully quiet on here for a while. I mean, worse than usual. Non-posting, non-commenting disease or absent-from-LJ syndrome or something. Sorry 'bout that. At first I was just feeling kinda withdrawn, then I was pondering something best kept up here *taps head* and then for the last week it was all omens and stress over RL. But... yeah.

Also, it's been raining. Not what folks from other parts might call real rain. More of a steady drizzle/light rain with occasional spots of heavier rain, but there are things now full of water that I never knew were little streams because they've been dry whole time I've lived here and there are vast pondlike puddles growing and looking gorgeously dreary under the grey sky. ^__^

And, something more interesting, yesterday I invented a recipe that I think might just be Gondorian.
Belfalas apricot cheese tart )
It's very yummy! And it's pretty simple to make, too. I would have taken a picture of the finished product, but we munched it all too quickly, heeh. So now I just need to write a drabble or somesuch to go along with it... hmm... And of course, if any of y'all make it, I'd love to hear what you think of it. ^__^
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So you're hanging out with other Tolkien fen, and you've run through all the inevitable conversations, such as discussions of the probability of wings on Balrogs, the nature of Tom Bombadil, and what lembas was really made of. You've even argued out whether there were two Glorfindels, whether Denethor was always like that, and which members of the Fellowship may have cuddled a little too close on cold nights. Now the conversation has faded, and you're wondering... what else is there to do when you have a handful of Tolkien geeks in the same room? Well, wonder no more, for your friend illwynd is here to illuminate you:

Play Tolkien Scrabble )
or Arda Crossword Puzzles )
or Middle-earth Madlibs )
or Six Degrees of Sackville-Baggins )
or play Celebrimbor )

Any of these options should prove at least as fun as Gollum's riddle game, and you will be far less likely to get eaten at the end.

(Is is obvious yet that I just got home from several hours with my local Tolkien geeks group, playing several of these games and having a darn good time? Is fun. Now bed--all that laughing wore me out.)
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Woo-hoo! While I'm still all psyched, I'm gonna post this. See, you're already reading it--this proves I'm posting. Yay.

But anyhow, tonight my local group of Tolkien Geeks had a bit of a get-together because Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Symphony was playing at the Summer Pops downtown!!! *dances around like a maniac, still very very happy.* listen to me babble about it! )
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Okay, I feel kinda bad about not getting to this the first week of March, but all my creativity laughed at me, so I'll just have to settle for what I can manage.

And, well, I wasn't around for the "Golden days" of LotR fandom, back when the movies were just coming out, for at that time I was wandering in other pastures of the less verdant type, but I imagine that during that time, fandom rants were fairly common, so here's one now...

naturalists and fantasy )

ORC report

Jan. 22nd, 2006 12:13 pm
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At the very last possible moment I decided to go to ORC (The One Ring Celebration) even though going at the very last possible moment meant that I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time there, but that's okay because I didn't really have time to spare anyway, but anyway, and I'll try not to babble too much, but here's the tale of yesterday... ORC report, long, contains spoilers for bloopers )


Jan. 20th, 2006 05:52 pm
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Now that the full schedule is out, I am so kicking myself for not being at ORC right now. Why why why?! Why am I an idiot? Why did I have to get sick for the last two weeks and forget all about it? Augh! It's not like it's soooo far from here! Just a 2 hour drive! First screening ever of the lotr blooper reels OMG! Discussions galore! Many nutcases like me! *kicks self* Maybe I'll go tomorrow anyway, even though I don't really have time or money for it... and I haven't even had time to snazz up my Boromir costume... have to go as Gondorian!Sue if I go... Augh! Too much pressure! *head explodey*

ETA- anybody see SGA tonight? I love it when the universe gives me things to squeee over... ahh LotR references rock my socks... And this on the same day as I saw a license plate that read "BULROR" which, while it may have meant something else to the owner, can't be sure with that one, certainly called to my mind a hobbit... I think something is trying to tell me somebody.

To Tolkien.

Jan. 3rd, 2006 09:00 pm
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'Tis 9 o'clock an' I raise me a big ol' dipper o' dat fine juice, and I says, "Yo' tale is told an' yo' frame is cold, but the legend of da hippest cat to ever groove upon this sweet swingin' sphere shall blow forever mo'. The Professor!"


Natal-day swing )
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wheee! comic-con rocks.

Babble and pix be here )
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Ehh, just wanted to let everybody know... I'm gonna be offline for a while, dunno how long... just got a new comp and have to switch everything over, it could be done tonight, it might take all weekend, dunno...

Anyway, here's a Boromir obsession list I made a while back, figured maybe somebody might get a kick out of it.

I say squeeee! )
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If you're as weird as me, swallow your drink before reading this.

weirdness warning. Beer and computers don't mix. Trust me... )


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